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Published: November 10, 2022 (2 weeks ago)
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Product Name — SleepGram Pillow

Main Benefits — Stomach sleepers might also select soft and thin pillows.

Composition — Natural Organic Compound

Side-Effects — NA

Rating :— ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Availability — Online

Product Category—Sleepcare

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The Hybrid Firm’s three inserts allow for a notable quantity of adjustment

The Hybrid Firm’s three inserts permit for an excellent amount of adjustment credit: Kieran Ahuja

Delivery and unboxing

The Hybrid Firm Pillow arrives in the same field as the usual Hybrid, and in the same manner: my gadgets were dispatched the morning once I placed the order, and the day after that, my items were added with the aid of DPD inside a one-hour time slot. It truly could not have been smoother.

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It does arrive in a larger box than you would possibly expect, but as we said in our SleepGram Pillow review, the pillow itself is a big beast, so there may be no longer a lot to be done about that.

First impressions

I’d like to make a piece of strange evaluation here.

You recognize whilst you cross into a fast meals chain, and also you see the pix of the food plastered above the tills? It constantly seems outstanding — plump burger buns, verdant lettuce, shatteringly crispy streaks of bacon — but, at this point in life, we are all clued up sufficiently to understand that what’s going to truly arrive is only a shadow of that (albeit nonetheless notably tasty).

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Comparing a normal pillow you might purchase for a tenner at the high street to a SleepGram Pillow is like evaluating the meal you receive in quick meals eating place to the pictures of the meals above the tills.

It’s large and nearly impossibly plump, and you can right now see the free distinction between it and an everyday pillow thanks to a clever, techy geometric pattern and blue piping. It’s an exceptionally well-designed bit of package, for something this is going to spend the maximum of its time hidden by means of a pillowcase.

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On that note, it is probably prudent for me to say that I think a few smaller pillowcases could conflict to residence this pillow. Most of mine are healthy and great, however, I even have one or that battle to absolutely envelop it.

SleepGram Pillow, £159 from – buy right here

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As you may anticipate, there are some similarities between the usual Hybrid pillow and the Hybrid Firm, and some key differences (therefore the £50 charge soar among the 2 models). I’ll begin with the similarities.

On the out of doors, the two pillows are largely identical. They each have non-same facets: one is a breathable cotton cowl, which stresses is made the usage of cotton from resources accepted through the Better Cotton Initiative.

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The other is one of the pillow’s party tricks: the NASA-inspired Stratos Cotton Cover, which regulates warmth and the use of fancy-sounding section trade technology.

In easy terms, what this indicates is that at a sure temperature, molecules in the cover flip from solid to liquid, at which factor they begin to absorb warmth. When the temperature drops again, the molecules resolidify, distributing the heat they absorbed in their liquid kingdom.

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That might sound fancy, but the crucial element is that it works — and it does. I was fortunate sufficient to get this pillow just earlier than the biblical heatwave we skilled in July, and it without a doubt made a difference to my sleep.

Of route, it is not a miracle employee, and I still wished for a light sheet and a fan, however, the surface of the pillow become highly cooler than that of the inexpensive pillows on the alternative facet of my bed.

SleepGram Pillow, £159 from – purchase right here

Now for the differences between the usual Hybrid and the Hybrid Firm.

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The starkest is within the filling. Whereas the standard Hybrid is full of nanocubes that may be introduced or eliminated so as to adjust the peak (and the firmness, to a degree) of the pillow, the Hybrid Firm includes three-man or woman pillows: tender fiber pillows and one layer of firm Aerocoil springs.

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These inserts may be blended and arranged to now not best modify the peak of the pillow but to significantly regulate its firmness.

A preparation card that includes the pillow, goes via the 5 endorsed mixtures of the inserts. Back sleepers are recommended to take one of the tender inserts out; side sleepers, in the meantime, are given the selection of 3 combinations, which create a medium, medium-firm, and firm hardnesses respectively.

I’d propose attempting out many of the combinations over the first week you have got the pillow, however, you are certain to discover one this is best for you. For me individually, the solution became to take out one of the soft inserts and placed the opposite on top of the Aerofoil spring layer, developing a medium firmness.

The handiest folks that won’t be capable of finding a favorite blend are individuals who prefer gentle pillows — my lady friend, for instance, struggled to sleep on it without problems even on the medium firmness. If you are similar, you might be higher accepting to the standard Hybrid (I suppose you could take out the company insert and simply have the 2 tender pillows in there, however that looks like a bit of a waste of cash).

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SleepGram Pillow review: the decision

SleepGram Pillow, £159 from – buy right here

Admittedly, it is a chunk hard to look beyond the astronomical charge tag of this pillow. At £159 for simple one, it’s clear to push aside it without a 2nd notion.

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However, in case you’re fortunate sufficient to be able to spend that on a pillow, you’ll be making a worthwhile investment for your sleep. The Hybrid Firm’s Stratos tech way that it is as desirable as any pillow can be at regulating your temperature at the same time as you sleep, and its adjustability is even higher than that of the already-spectacular preferred Hybrid.

This is honestly made for folks that are extreme about their sleep — but it is significantly exact.


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